Why is my Huawei phone not sending text messages?

So, you want to know Why is my Huawei phone not sending text messages?

Clear the data and cache in the Messaging app (the messages will not be deleted). Open Settings, search for and access Apps, and find Messaging. Then go to Storage > Clear data. If the issue is still not resolved, open Settings, search for and access Reset network settings, and touch Reset network settings.

Why are my SMS messages not sending?

To fix an Android that won’t send text messages, try restarting it or checking for updates. Check if you’ve been blocked by the recipient, or if your carrier is having network issues. You can also try clearing the messages cache or making sure your SIM card is installed properly.

How do I fix my messages on my Huawei?

EMUI: Go to Messaging > > Settings > , and touch Restore default settings. Clear the data and cache of the Messaging app. (Your SMS messages will not be deleted.) Open Settings, search for Apps, locate Messaging, then go to Storage > CLEAR DATA.

How do you reset SMS on Huawei?

Clear and restore your data Restore the default settings of the Messaging as follows: EMUI: Go to Messaging > > Settings > , and touch Restore default settings.

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Why does my phone keep saying message failed to send?

Some common reasons why SMS messages may be failing to send: The destination handset is unreachable. The destination phone number does not support Text. The SMS message exceeds the 160 character limit.

How do I send a SMS on my Huawei phone?

Open Messaging and touch . On the New message screen, enter your message content. Touch to add other types of content such as pictures and audio files. In the recipient box, touch , select contacts or contact groups, then touch . After finishing editing, touch to send the message.

How do I enable SMS sending?

On your Android device, open the Settings app. Tap Network & internet. Mobile network. Make sure Mobile data is turned on.

Can receive SMS but cant send?

Confirm the phone number that you’re sending the messages to is correct and valid. You may have entered a few wrong digits or the wrong code that’s sending the message to a non-existent number. Check whether your carrier supports SMS, MMS, or RCS messaging. Verify that Messages is your default text messaging app.

Why is my Messaging not working?

Fix problems connecting to Messages On your phone, turn your Wi-Fi off and back on. Make sure your phone and computer are connected to the internet with a strong signal. If you have connection problems, restart your phone. Make sure your phone has background data turned on for the Messages app.

How do I fix message not working?

Restart Your Phone All internal settings are reloaded, so this can often fix any bugs or issues that might be stopping your messaging app from working. To restart your phone, click and hold the power button until you see the restart button show up on your screen. Tap on it, and your phone will restart.

Why is my Messaging system not working?

Why Is the Messages App Not Working? You might encounter issues texting if the Messages app is outdated or has bugs. Problems with your data plan or internet connection can also interfere with MMS and RCS messaging. Make sure you have an active data plan or data connection.

How do I restore my SMS settings?

Launch the Messages app on your Android phone and tap on the menu > Settings. Tap on the Reset option to set all message features to default. Now, restart your Android phone device and try again to send a text message.

How do I restore my SMS?

Tap the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner and open the Recycle bin. Check your deleted text messages. Long tap the message you want to retrieve. Select Restore at the bottom and check the same in your primary inbox.

How do I refresh my SMS?

Open the Phone. Dial *#*#4636#*#* to open the Testing menu. Tap Phone Information. Scroll to the bottom to the entry for SMSC. Tap Refresh to load the current SMSC Number.

How do I get rid of the message failed to send?

Tip 1. Soft Reset Your Phone. Tip 2. Clear Cache on Your Phone. Tip 3. Clear System Junk on Your Phone. Tip 4. Force Stop the Message App. Tip 5. Bonus Tip.

What message app does Huawei use?

The Android Messages app powered by RCS is going to offer a richer native messaging and communications experience on Huawei smartphones.

How do I enable SMS on Android?

To set the app’s permission on a device or emulator instance, choose Settings > Apps > SMS Messaging > Permissions, and turn on the SMS permission for the app.

How do I find my message Centre number on my Huawei phone?

Find “SMS centre number” Press Settings. Press Advanced. Press SMS centre number.

How do I know if my SMS is enabled?

To confirm that Verified SMS is enabled on your device, open the Messages app, tap the more_vert button, then tap Settings. If Verified SMS appears in Settings, Verified SMS is enabled on your device. If Verified SMS doesn’t appear in Settings, Verified SMS isn’t enabled on your device.

Why would a text message fail to send to one person?

Why are my messages failing to send to one person? There are a number of reasons why an SMS message might not get delivered, but some of the most common are: the recipient opted out of messages. the recipient blocked your phone number. the message contained illegal content.

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