What network is 0992? Quick Guide 2023

The mobile network of 0992 or 63992 is Dito Telecommunity . If you want to see other numbers of Dito Telecommunity, click here. The SIM Card Registration Act details the penalties for violations ranging from Php 100,000 to Php 1 Million.

What network is 0943?

The mobile network of 0943 or 63943 is Smart Communications . If you want to see other numbers of Smart Communications, click here.

What is the first 4 digit mobile number in the Philippines?

Mobile number in PH Mobile phone numbers in the Philippines are made up of 11 digits. As an example of this is 09163451812. It’s the first four digits of the phone number which is 0916 that determines the mobile network, such as Globe or Smart or Sun Cellular. Each mobile network has its own network codes and prefixes.

Is TM and Globe the same?

TM (formerly known as Islacom, Touch Mobile, and Republika ng TM and also known as TM Tambayan) is a Filipino cellular service brand of Filipino telecommunications company Globe Telecom.

What network is 0992? Related Questions

What network is dito?

DITO Telecommunity Corporation is the new major telecommunications provider in the Philippines launching in March 2021. DITO aims to reinvent the Philippine telecommunications industry by improving the way Filipinos experience connectivity with secure, fast and high value 4G and 5G technologies.

What network is 0960?

The 0960 prefix belongs to Smart or TNT.

What network is 0981?

The mobile network of 0981 or 63981 is Smart Communications . If you want to see other numbers of Smart Communications, click here.

What network starts with 0913?

MTN Nigeria has added the network prefix 0913 to its range of telephone numbers, after adding 0704, 07025 and 07026 in March. The prefixes were formerly for Visafone numbers, and were launched three years after the acquisition of Visafone by MTN Nigeria.

What network uses 0901?

To know all Airtel network number in Nigeria, Airtel network start with 0802, 0808, 0708, 0812, 0701, 0902, 0901, 0904, 0907 and 0912. To know all MTN network number in Nigeria, MTN network start with 0803, 0806, 0703, 0706, 0813, 0816, 0810, 0814, 0903, 0906, 0913, 0916, 07025, 07026 and 0704.

Where is +9 from?

9 – Central Asia, South Asia and West Asia.

Is 0911 Globe or Smart?

The mobile network of 0911 or 63911 is Smart Communications .

IS 999 Smart or Globe?

Smart unveils its best unlimited data offer for the family with UNLIFAM 999.

Is 0907 smart or TNT?

The mobile network of 0907 or 63907 is Talk ‘n Text . If you want to see other numbers of Talk ‘n Text, click here.

What network is 0926 in the Philippines?

0926 What Network Smart or Globe? The mobile prefix 0926 is owned and operated by Globe Telecom | TM in the Philippines.

What is 4-digit phone code?

XXXX is the 4-digit line number that identifies a specific line within a central office. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has exclusive jurisdiction over telephone numbering in the United States but has delegated specific authority to state regulatory agencies.

How do I find the 4-digit code?

Look for the 4-digit code printed on the front of your card just above and to the right of your main credit card number. This 4-digit code is your Card Security Code.

Can TM use GCash?

Yes, All Philippine mobile network users can enjoy all the GCash services, such as Buy Load, Send Money, Pay Bills, and more. All PH network users whether Globe, Smart, SUN, or Talk N Text, must also go through the verification process to enjoy the full range of GCash services.

Does TM have GCash?

You can create a GCash account through the GCash App or through dialing *143# (USSD) for Globe/TM subscribers (Only available to Philippine-issued SIM).

Can GCash load TM?

GCash can be used to load any Globe, TM, Smart, Sun Cellular, and Talk ‘N Text numbers.

Is DITO Filipino owned?

Dito is a joint venture between Uy’s group and state enterprise China Telecom. It launched service in March after winning a license auction conducted at the behest of Duterte, who had slammed the industry duopoly for poor service.

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