What is Sun’s Combo 20? Quick Guide 2023

CU 20 is a promo valid for 24 hours upon registration. Enjoy the following conveniences all day: Unlimited calls to SUN. 20 texts to all networks.

How do I register 20 pesos in sun?

Features: 20 TEXT to all networks; Unlimited CALL to Sun Cellular network; Unlimited chat via Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsAPP, Viber and WeChat. Price: ₱20. Validity: 1 day. How to register: send SMS and use keyword CU20 to 247.

What is SSP20 in sun?

SSP20 / SSP 20. 2 days. 300 MB data. Unli all-net texts. Unli Trinet calls (Sun, Smart & TNT)

How do I register for Sun promo?

Just go to any SMART Retailers near you or simply register your existing regular load to your favorite promos via *123#. To access your favorite SUN offers, dial *123# and select OTHER OFFERS. It’s that easy!

What is Sun’s Combo 20? Related Questions

Is 20 minutes of sun Okay?

How long can you sunbathe? Some dermatologists believe that, as long as you don’t have complications with usual sun exposure, you can sunbathe without sunscreen up to 20 minutes each day . To reduce the risk of sunburn, it may be best to stick to 5 to 10 minutes.

What is CTC20 in sun?

CTC20. 3 days. FB** 25 Mins Call to Sun/Smart/TNT. 100 Texts to Sun.

How do I register load 20?

How can I register to GoALL20? You just have to text GoALL20 and send it to 2555. You can also register by texting the keywords Go ALL20 or GoALL 20 to 2555. Great!

How do I register all surf 20?

Dial *123# and hit call button. In the pop-up menu, go to “Other Offers” by sending “3”. Choose “AOS” option by sending “3” again. Pick the All Out Surf promo that you prefer by sending the correct number for it.

How do I register for Sulit surf 20 sun?

To register, text SSP20 or SSP20 to 247 for Sulit Surf Plus 20, while SSP99 or SSP 99 for Sulit Surf Plus 99. Moreover, you can also avail by simply dialing *123# and select SULIT SURF PLUS.

What is SSP in smart?

The Smart Schools Program (SSP) bridges the digital divide by democratizing access to devices, connectivity, online content and teacher training on Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

What is SSP 50?

PRODUCT. dry SSP 50 is a cold-applied rubberized bitumen emulsion with polymer and mineral fillers. Once applied, it forms an elastomeric damp proof membrane. dry SSP 50 has excellent adhesion properties, as well as waterproofing and protection from chloride, sulfates, alkalis & mild acids.

What is CTU25 in sun?

Text CTU25 to 247. ₱25. 1 day. Call and Text Unlimited 30. Unlimited calls to SUN, Smart and TNT.

Is morning sun good for vitamin D?

The precursors of Vitamin D — that is, molecules that produce the vitamin — present in your skin are activated by the sun; so soaking some morning sun is a good idea, health-wise.

How much sun per day is healthy?

The Bottom Line Regular sun exposure is the most natural way to get enough vitamin D. To maintain healthy blood levels, aim to get 10–30 minutes of midday sunlight, several times per week. People with darker skin may need a little more than this.

What time of sunlight is good for vitamin D?

To get an optimal vitamin D supplement from the sun at a minimal risk of getting cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM), the best time of sun exposure is noon.

How to register Sun CTC 10?

For 1 day worth P10, Text CTC10 to 247. For 3 days worth P20, Text CTC20 to 247. For 3 days worth P30, Text CTC30 to 247. For 5 days worth P50, Text CTC50 to 247. For 15 days worth P150, Text CTC150 to 247.

How do I call UCT30 Smart?

Features: Unlimited calls to Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun with unlimited texts to all networks; 100MB of data for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp use. Price: ₱30. Validity: 1 Day. How to register: Send text UCT30 to 9999.

What does CTC mean on sun load?

The Sun Cellular Call and Text Combo Promo, shortened as Sun CTC Promo, is an affordable promo package of Sun Cellular that mainly offers minutes of calls and specific range of text messages.

What is SC 20 load?

The Super Combo 20 or SC20, as previously mentioned, only costs you ₱20 load balance that is valid for 2 days. It is like spending ₱10 per day which you can maximize the services being offered by Talk ‘N Text.

How do I register all surf 20 2022?

Promo: 150MB Internet Data. + 100MB data per day for Facebook. + Unlimited texts to all networks. + 20 minutes calls to Smart, TNT, SUN. Registration: Text ALLOUT20 to 9999. Validity: 1 day. Price: 20 Pesos.

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