What is giga video 299 TNT? Quick Guide 2023

1 GB VIDEO EVERY DAY for Youtube, Netflix, Smart Livestream, iWantTFC + 4 GB for 30 days.

How to register Giga Video 299?

Access the NEW GigaLife App. Go to ‘UNLI GIGA”’ in the menu. Choose your preferred validity and select your promo. Click SUBSCRIBE then YES to confirm registration.

What is included in giga stories 299?

1 GB STORIES EVERY DAY for TikTok, IG, FB, Twitter, Kumu + 4 GB for 30 days.

Is Giga video have UNLI text?

The Giga Video Plus (Giga Video+) is the newest and most improved version of Smart’s not so smart Giga Video prepaid plan. With this upgraded version, you will now enjoy unlimited texts to all networks and unlimited calls to Smart, Talk N Text, and Sun.

What is giga video 299 TNT? Related Questions

Is UNLI data 299 unlimited?

TNT Unli Data 99 and Unli Data 299 Promo With TNT Unli Data 99, you will have Unlimited Data for 7 days which costs P99. While the TNT Unli Data 299 promo offers Unlimited Data for 1 (one) month at P299.

How many GB is Giga 299?

If you want to subscribe for a longer period of time, 30 days to be exact, you can choose GIGA VIDEO 299 for 4GB of data access data, GIGA VIDEO 399 for 6GB, and GIGA VIDEO 499 for 8GB.

Why is UNLI data not available?

If you don’t see “UNLI DATA” in the GigaLife app, it means that you are not eligible to register to Smart Unli Data promos. The promos are only available to selected Smart and TNT subscribers. You will receive a text message from Smart once you are eligible to register to the promos.

How do I register my double Giga 299 smart?

Dial *123#. Go to Double Giga+ in the menu. Look for the desired Giga Family and select preferred variant. Select SUBSCRIBE then SEND to confirm registration.

What is smart load promo 299?

The ALL DATA 50 gives 2GB of data for 3 days, the ALL DATA 99 gives 6GB for 7 days, and the ALL DATA 299 gives 24GB for 30 days. Note that the promo offers shareable data for all sites, without the inclusions of calls or texts. You may check out the GigaLife app to avail of the newest promo.

What are included in Giga video?

1 GB VIDEO EVERY DAY for Youtube, Netflix, Smart Livestream, iWantTFC + 2 GB for 7 days.

What is double giga 299?

TOTAL of 64 GB: 2 GB VIDEO EVERY DAY (60 GB) for Youtube, Netflix, Smart Livestream, iWantTFC + 4 GB + FREE Unli Allnet Texts for 30 days. Free Nationwide Shipping. Cash On Delivery. Exclusive Sales & Discounts.

Which is better Giga stories or Giga video?

GIGA VIDEO and GIGA VIDEO+ are complete with Video Everyday that allows users to enjoy 1 hour of FREE YouTube streaming every day. GIGA GAMES, on the other hand, comes with 1GB data for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and more every day. GIGA Stories comes with 1GB of stories for Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok.

How do I stop Giga Video 299?

To opt-out of your auto-renew add-ons, simply text STOP to 9999, and your registered service will expire on your bill cutoff. For example: STOP GIGA299 and send it to 9999.

Can I use FB in Giga video?

Hi, Azzer. Yes, the Unli Giga Stories daily data allocation for passion apps such as Instagram, Facebook/Messenger, TikTok, Twitter, and Kumu.

Is Giga video include FB?

With UNLI GIGA, subscribers can either choose UNLI GIGA Stories that comes with unlimited Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Kumu, or UNLI GIGA Video with non-stop YouTube, iWantTFC, NBA League Pass, and Cignal Play, the promo comes with 2 GB data for all sites and apps for seven days for only P149.

What Sim has UNLI data?

Smart Bro Rocket SIM comes with Unlimited Data for 30 days which you can use to access all sites and apps with up to HD quality videos. This SIM can be used for smartphones and Smart Bro Pocket WiFi devices. You can avail of the Smart Bro Rocket SIM through the following channels: Smart Online Store.

Is Smart UNLI data forever?

Once the 30 days of Unli Data is up, subscribers can always avail of another unlimited data for all sites for 30 days promo, or register to other data promos they like via the GigaLife app.

What is Gigasurf 299?

Smart Giga Surf 299 will give a consumable data of 2GB (2000MB) that comes with a free 1.1GB data that can be used across iflix, YouTube, Skype Qik, Spinnr, Vimeo, DailyMotion and Dubsmash apps that’s valid for 30 days. To register in the promo, text the keyword GIGA299 to 9999.

How do I load Giga study 299?

Register via *123# or the new Smart App To register, simply dial *123# and choose Giga and select Study. Subscribers can also avail of the promo conveniently via the new Smart App. Giga Study offers access to Google Suite, which includes Google Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Meet, and Drive.

Is Unli 5G data unlimited?

Smart Unli 5G offers customers unrestricted internet coverage in Smart 5G-enabled regions, with no data caps or speed throttling, for a superior and dependable 5G experience.

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