What is CTC50 in sun? Quick Guide 2023

CTC50. 5 days. FB** NonStop Chat*** 70 Mins Call to Sun/Smart/TNT.

What is Sun CTU50?

CTU 50. Features: Unlimited CALLS to Sun Cellular network; Unlimited TEXTS to all networks; Free Facebook access; Unlimited access to Facebook Messenger, LINE, Viber, WhatsApp and WeChat. Price: ₱50. Validity: 3 days. How to register: send SMS and use keyword CTU50 to 247.

What is CTU150 sun?

CTU150. 7 days. 500 MB. UNLICALL to Sun/Smart/TNT. UNLITEXT to All Networks.

How do I register for Sun call and text?

Registration. Simply register by texting CU20 to 247!

What is CTC50 in sun? Related Questions

What does CTC mean on sun load?

The Sun Cellular Call and Text Combo Promo, shortened as Sun CTC Promo, is an affordable promo package of Sun Cellular that mainly offers minutes of calls and specific range of text messages.

How do I claim my sun rewards?

Rewards Program Simply visit the Redeem Points page and click on the category that suits your interests. With your Sun Federal Credit Card you automatically begin racking up rewards points with every purchase you make. Just register your card online to redeem the points!

How can I borrow 50 from Sun?

How do I use Give-A-Load? Text GIVEamount or promo keyword11-digit mobile number and send to 2292. Example: To give P50 regular load, text GIVE 50 09221234567 or to give GIGA VIDEO 50, text GIVE GVD50 09221234567 to 2292.

How do I register my sun UCT50?

Subscribe to UCT50 via *121# or text UCT50 to 6406. FREE to 9999.

What is CTC in Smart?

Purchase a call and text card (CTC) or TicketLoad at stores and retailers. Lightly scratch off the protective ink on the card to reveal the 14-digit PIN. To reload Smart Prepaid, dial 1510 and press send. To reload Talk ‘N Text, dial 1511 and press send.

How to register UTP 150?

How to Register TNT UTP150 Promo. Simply type UTP150 and send it to 4545.

How do I register Sun CTU25?

You can also convert your regular load by texting CTU25 to 247. For more information, you can visit any of The Sun Shop outlets nationwide. You may also call the customer service hotline 200 for free using your Sun mobile phone or (02) 395-8000 from any landline.

How do I register for Sun promo?

Just go to any SMART Retailers near you or simply register your existing regular load to your favorite promos via *123#. To access your favorite SUN offers, dial *123# and select OTHER OFFERS. It’s that easy!

What is Sun TU50?

TU50. 10 days. FB** NonStop Chat*** 60 Mins Call to Sun.

How to register sun idd 100?

To enjoy 30 days of low IDD rates, just text TODO100 and send to 247. Promotional offer only.

Can I load sun using GCash?

GCash can be used to load any Globe, TM, Smart, Sun Cellular, and Talk ‘N Text numbers.

What is CTC mode of payment?

CTC or cost to the company is the amount of money spent by the employer to hire a new employee. It comprises of several components such as HRA, medical insurance, provident fund, etc. which is added to the basic pay. The allowances may include meal coupons, cab service, subsidised loans, etc.

Does CTC mean package?

Cost to company (CTC) is a term for the total salary package of an employee, used in countries such as India and South Africa. It indicates the total amount of expenses a company (organisation) spends on an employee during one year.

How is CTC measured?

CTC is calculated by adding salary and additional benefits that an employee receives such as EPF, gratuity, house allowance, food coupons, medical insurance, travel expense and so on. CTC in colloquial terms is the cost an employer bears to hire and sustain its employees. Formula: CTC = Gross Salary + Benefits.

Can I get my money back from Sun Life Insurance?

With the plan’s “money back feature”, you can get a portion of your money back based on the total premiums paid after 10 years. NOTE: Benefits indicated above are subject to the specific guidelines set by Sun Life and the actual provisions of the insurance policy contract.

Do Suncountry points expire?

Sun Country Rewards points expire after 36 months of inactivity (no earning or redemption). You can cannot reactivate expired points.

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