What does the letters in TNT stand for?

So, you want to know What does the letters in TNT stand for?

(ti ɛn ti ) uncountable noun. TNT is a powerful explosive substance. TNT is an abbreviation for `trinitrotoluene.

Does TNT mean dynamite?

Dynamite is indeed an explosive with several components assembled together. But TNT (or 2,4,6,-trinitrotoluene, to use its chemical name) is not one of those components. Instead, the active explosive in dynamite is a chemical called nitroglycerin.

What does TNT stand for as an explosive?

2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, also called TNT, is a man-made compound. The odorless, yellow solid is used in explosives. In the United States, TNT is primarily made at military sites. Where can TNT be found and how is it used? TNT is an explosive used by the military in artillery shells, grenades and airborne bombs.

What does TNT stand for in social media?

TNT also stands for: Til Next Time (internet slang, chat, online)

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What was TNT originally called?

Trinitrotoluene (/ˌtraɪˌnaɪtroʊˈtɒljuiːn/), more commonly known as TNT, more specifically 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, and by its preferred IUPAC name 2-methyl-1,3,5-trinitrobenzene, is a chemical compound with the formula C6H2(NO2)3CH3.

What does TNT stand for in school?

TNT is a service based girl’s group here at Park High. It stands for Truth, Nobility, and Trust.

What does C4 stand for?

Command, Control, Communications, Computers (C4) The Command, Control, Communication, and Computers (C4) Branch identifies, experiments with, and analyzes new communication and information system technologies for the warfighter.

Can TNT burn?

The physical structure o f TNT breaks up during the burning process. Fragments are rapidly created with a new, unknown, surface-to-volume ratio. The rate at which the structure dissociates is much faster than the intrinsic burning rate o f the dissociated material. intrinsic burning rate of the composition.

What is stronger TNT or dynamite?

You may see some explosives labeled “TNT” that look like dynamite. TNT stands for trinitrotoluene, which is also an explosive but quite different from dynamite. Dynamite is actually much more powerful than TNT.

Is TNT more powerful than C4?

C4 yields a higher peak pressure than TNT so the weight of C4 that yields a peak pressure equivalent to a given weight of TNT was determined based on the relationship that peak pressure is proportional to heat of detonation [4].

Is C4 the most powerful explosive?

ONC, with an R.E. factor of 2.38, is more than twice as powerful as the compound used in the explosive C-4, which has an R.E. factor of 1.33. ONC is a high-velocity explosive and has a detonation velocity of 10,100 m/s. This makes ONC the fastest known explosive (see the table below).

Does TNT explosive still exist?

TNT is still widely used in U.S. military munitions and accounts for a large portion of the explosives-related contamination at active and former U.S. military installations. With its manufacturing impurities and environmental transformation products, TNT presents various health and environmental concerns.

What is TNT gaming?

The TNT Games is a collection of small, original TNT-based minigames in an arcade-style, quick, fun, and not very competitive. There are 5 TNT Games and a TNT Games Duels gamemode.

Why is it call TNT?

“TNT” is an abbreviation for trinitrotoluene, a flammable and combustible substance. It is one of the main ingredients used to make dynamite.

Is TNT Talk N Text?

TNT (formerly known as Piltel, Mobiline, Phone Pal, and still unofficially known as Talk ‘N Text) is a cellular service of Smart Communications in the Philippines.

What happens if you burn TNT?

TNT is explosive for two reasons. First, it contains the elements carbon, oxygen and nitrogen, which means that when the material burns it produces highly stable substances (CO, CO2 and N2) with strong bonds, so releasing a great deal of energy.

When did TNT end?

The channel will be rebranded as Warner TV on April 14, 2023, discontinuing the TNT brand, as an entertainment channel, in Europe in the process.

What is a TNT teacher?

The New Teacher (TNT) is an 80 hour, pre-service teacher education programme aimed at developing young trainees to begin a meaningful professional career in affordable private schools.

What is TNT in history?

Trinitrotoluene, also known as 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene, or TNT, is a chemical that was discovered by Joseph Wilbrand in 1863. It was originally used as a yellow dye, but about 30 years later its explosive properties were discovered as well.

What is in Semtex?

Semtex/C-4 Semtex is based on PETN-RDX (Penaerythrite tetranitrate – Research Development Explosive), a plastic explosive formerly made by Explosia in the Czech Republic. It is a favourite explosive of terrorist groups, particularly PIRA, as only small amounts are needed for horrendous results.

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