What does Giga Video 99 include? Quick Guide 2023

1 GB VIDEO EVERY DAY for Youtube, Netflix, Smart Livestream, iWantTFC + 2 GB for 7 days.

How do I register my smart Giga video 99?

If you are a Smart Prepaid customer, register to Giga Surf 99 by texting GIGA99 to 9999.

Does Giga Video 99 has UNLI text?

Moreover, it also comes with unlimited texts to all networks anymore. There is also GIGA VIDEO 99 with 2GB of open access data for 7 days plus 2GB per day of Video Every Day.

Is UNLI Giga Video Unlimited?

What are the offers and inclusions? UNLI GIGA VIDEO and UNLI GIGA STORIES are exclusively available to Smart Prepaid subscribers via the GigaLife App. These offer unlimited data access to the apps indicated for the duration or validity of the promo availed.

What does Giga Video 99 include? Related Questions

How many GB is giga99?

To keep us connecting and sharing our stories with friends and loved ones, Smart offers Giga Stories 99, which comes with a total of 16 GB, valid for 7 days!

Is Giga video include FB?

With UNLI GIGA, subscribers can either choose UNLI GIGA Stories that comes with unlimited Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Kumu, or UNLI GIGA Video with non-stop YouTube, iWantTFC, NBA League Pass, and Cignal Play, the promo comes with 2 GB data for all sites and apps for seven days for only P149.

Does Unli Giga video include Netflix?

Smart promos for Netflix They do have GIGA Video promos, but only support apps like YouTube, iWanTFC, NBA League Pass, but no Netflix.

How long is a video that is 1 GB?

A 1GB data plan will allow you to browse the internet for around 12 hours, to stream 200 songs or to watch 2 hours of standard-definition video.

How do I register for all data 99?

On your phone, dial *123# and wait for the menu to appear. You can easily load Power All 99 and other offers through your phone.

How to register UNLI data in Smart 99?

Open the GigaLife app and login to your account. Under “Favorites,” select “UNLI DATA.” Choose either “UNLI DATA 99” or “UNLI DATA 299.” Tap the “Subscribe” button to register to the promo.

How do I register my Giga 2 99?

How do I avail of GIGA GAMES? Just dial *123# to register.

Is UNLI data 99 unlimited?

With TNT Unli Data 99, you will have Unlimited Data for 7 days which costs P99. While the TNT Unli Data 299 promo offers Unlimited Data for 1 (one) month at P299.

Does giga video include call and text?

All Giga Video+ promos include the same call and text allocation, as well as up to 1GB or one hour of Video Every Day access.

What is all net 99 Smart?

For just PHP99, Smart Prepaid All-In 99 provides an unbeatable combination of unlimited texts to all networks; 100 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun and Talk ‘N Text; mobile data of up to 80 MB; and unlimited access to the popular social networking site, Facebook – all valid for seven days.

What is unlimited data in GB?

What does unlimited data mean? Unlimited data means exactly that – no limitations on the amount of data you can use. So you can scroll social media, browse online and WhatsApp as much as you like. However, there is a limit on the speed at which you can use your data.

How do I load Unli Giga video?

Open the GigaLife App. Choose UNLI GIGA. Choose your preferred validity and select your promo. Confirm your subscription. Wait for pop-up confirmation message of your successful Unli Giga registration.

How many days is smart Giga Video 149?

1 GB VIDEO EVERY DAY for Youtube, Netflix, Smart Livestream, iWantTFC + 2 GB + Unli Allnet Calls & Texts for 7 days.

How do I get 8GB on 99?

For GoWATCH, text GOPLUS99 GOWATCH and send it to 8080. For GoPLAY, text GOPLUS99 GOPLAY and send it to 8080. For GoSHARE, text GOPLUS99 GOSHARE and send it to 8080.

What is Giga surf video everyday?

Experience seamless streaming on PH’s fastest LTE network Smart, TNT, and Sun customers can make the most of Video Every Day with Giga Surf 99, which comes with 2GB data for surfing and all apps and an additional 1GB per day to watch up to 1 hours of videos every day, valid for 7 days.

How many GB is Giga 50 video?

With Doble GIGA Video+ 50, TNT customers have 2 GB open access per day for all sites and apps, and 2 GB per day for video apps YouTube, iWanTFC, Cignal Play and NBA TV – perfect for their daily dose of saya from watching celebrity vlogs, hit series and movies, and sports content.

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