How to subscribe to Vivamax via Globe?

So, you want to know How to subscribe to Vivamax via Globe?

Download the Vivamax, atin ‘to app from Google Play. Tap on any pay content that’s not labeled as FREE and tap. Confirm your payment details via Google Play and click Subscribe via Globe Direct Carrier Billing.

Is HOOQ app free?

HOOQ has a cost-effective subscription option for you. The standard 30 day HOOQ subscription comes with unlimited access to stream video on demand on any device. With your subscription, you get a free rental ticket every month to enjoy the latest movies fresh from the cinemas.

What is HOOQ globe?

Make your day extraordinary with action-packed shows and movies. Choose from over 10,000 hours of blockbusters, TV series, fan favorites, and more from here to Hollywood. Download movies offline. Enjoy shows for all ages. Watch on any device.

How to register Netflix using Globe Prepaid?

Go to and choose a Netflix plan. Create a Netflix account. Choose “add to postpaid mobile bill” as payment method and enter your Globe Postpaid number. Choose your Netflix plan and create your account to start your membership.

How to subscribe to Vivamax via Globe Related Questions

How do I subscribe internationally with Globe?

Dial *143# Select Roaming&Int’l. Select Call and Text Abroad. Select the promo of your choice. Wait for the confirmation message of your successful registration. Start enjoying the promo! REGULAR RATES.

How do I activate my Vivamax subscription?

Log in to the DITO App. Click App Subscription and select Vivamax. Choose the Vivamax subscription plan you want to purchase. Enter your DITO number and email address. Activate your voucher by logging into your Vivamax account on Next, click Subscribe Now.

Why HOOQ is shutting down?

In an official statement released on March 27, HOOQ cited tough competition, the high costs of pumping out content, and only a “gradual” increase in an audience’s willingness to pay for streaming. It also said that content providers are increasingly choosing to feed content directly to consumers.

How do I cancel my HOOQ subscription?

You can cancel at any time by logging into your HOOQ account on the app, click on ‘Subscription’ and follow cancellation instructions. There are no refunds or credit for partial subscription periods.

Is the app free?

While installing the application from Google Play Store you see a green ‘Install’ button on the app, which means that the app is free, though it might include some in-app purchases, as per the features. On the other hand, when the green button has a cost marked on it, it means that it is a paid app.

How do Globe iPhone plans work?

Globe’s Handset Installment Plans If you don’t have a credit card, you can opt to pay for your iPhone 11 in monthly installments through Globe’s Handset Installment Plan 1299 with 24 months lockout, charged to your monthly bill. The new iPhone 11 64 GB can be yours for as low as P2,799 through the Installment Plan.

How do I cancel my Globe subscription?

GlobeOne app. From your dashboard click “More” then “Help” Globe Telecom Facebook Messenger. Dial 211 using your Globe mobile.

How much is the monthly payment for Netflix Philippines?

Premium – Php 549 /month He has over 20 years of experience in corporate communications, marketing services, and customer relations from different industries such as telecommunications and banking.

How much is Netflix per month Philippines?

Netflix has announced to cut monthly subscription cost for its Basic and Standard plans in the Philippines starting February 21. The Basic Plan will now cost Php 249 per month instead of Php 369, while the Standard Plan will cost Php 399 instead of Php 459.

How much is Netflix subscription?

How much does a Netflix subscription cost? Netflix has four plans to choose from: Basic with Ads for $7 per month, Basic for $10, Standard for $15.50, and Premium for $20.

How can I activate my Globe abroad?

Dial *143# using your Globe mobile. This is toll-free both here and abroad. Call the roaming hotline at +63277301212. This is also toll-free both here and abroad. Toll-free numbers and collect calls only apply when using a local number or landline.

Can I activate my Globe sim abroad?

Can I use my Globe Prepaid SIM abroad? Yes, Globe Prepaid customers will be able to enjoy Globe services even when they are abroad. Great! It helped me!

How do I call Globe from Philippines Overseas?

Just dial <00>. You can also use the dialing sequence <+>.

How much is it to watch Vivamax?

Vivamax’s monthly subscription costs P149.

Does Vivamax have free trial?

3.2. Your Vivamax Service membership may start with a Free Trial for the period specified at the time of subscription. Such Free Trial is only available once to each new user who has not previously subscribed to the Vivamax Service.

Does Vivamax need payment?

Subscribe to Vivamax in a few steps! Choose your plan, subscription method and make your payment. Setup your account, if needed.

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