How to register SurfMax 250? Quick Guide 2023

Via SMS:You can subscribe by texting the corresponding syntax/keyword/ and send to 9999 (Example: SurfMax50 to 9999). Via USSD: Just dial *121# and choose SurfMax.

What are the promos of Smartbro?

P 50 / 3 days. ALL DATA. 2 GB shareable data. for all sites. P 99 / 7 days. ALL DATA. 6 GB shareable data. for all sites. P 299 / 30 days. ALL DATA. 299. 24 GB shareable data. P 399 / 30 days. ALL DATA. 399. 36 GB shareable data. P 499 / 30 days. ALL DATA. 499. 48 GB shareable data. P 599 / 30 days. ALL DATA. 599. 72 GB shareable data.

How do I register for Smart Bro promo?

Sign up to the GigaLife App Connect your Smart phone to the Pocket WiFi signal. Open your mobile data then access your GigaLife app. Click Sign Up then your Mobile number is automatically detected. Create password and enter the secondary mobile number to receive the One Time PIN via SMS.

How do I register my mega 250 Smart 2022?

Features: Unlimited texts to all networks Trinet plus Globe and Touch Mobile; 180 minutes worth of calls to Talk ‘N Text, Smart and Sun; 100 Megabytes of mobile internet data. Price: ₱250. Validity: 30 Days. How to register: Dial *123# then choose Other Offers then select Mega All-In then pick Subsribe.

How to register SurfMax 250? Related Questions

Does Smart Bro SIM have UNLI data?

Smart Bro Rocket SIM comes with Unlimited Data for 30 days which you can use to access all sites and apps with up to HD quality videos. This SIM can be used for smartphones and Smart Bro Pocket WiFi devices. You can avail of the Smart Bro Rocket SIM through the following channels: Smart Online Store.

Which is faster PLDT home WiFi or Smart Bro WiFi?

Internet Speed However, Smart Bro Pocket WiFi supports LTE Advanced (LTE-A) technology which is – simply put – supposed to be more stable and faster than the lower generation 4G LTE connectivity that my PLDT Home WiFi unit supports.

Is UNLI data 299 Unlimited?

TNT Unli Data 99 and Unli Data 299 Promo With TNT Unli Data 99, you will have Unlimited Data for 7 days which costs P99. While the TNT Unli Data 299 promo offers Unlimited Data for 1 (one) month at P299.

Is Giga Surf Unlimited?

UNLI GIGA VIDEO and UNLI GIGA STORIES are exclusively available to Smart Prepaid subscribers via the GigaLife App. These offer unlimited data access to the apps indicated for the duration or validity of the promo availed.

What is the difference between SurfMax and GigaSurf?

GigaSurf has slightly larger data allocation and the same call-and-text packs as AllOutSurf but doesn’t offer Unli-FB. 3. SurfMax promos, which are slightly more pricey than AllOutSurf and GigaSurf – have the largest data allocation of the bunch; In fact, they don’t have any specific data cap.

How do I load my SMART Bro home WiFi?

On your Smart Mobile Phone, text: RELOAD(space)14-digit PIN(space)Smart Number and send to 1510. You will receive an SMS from SMART on your Smart LTE Pocket WiFi mobile number confirming load receipt.

Why is UNLI data not available?

If you don’t see “UNLI DATA” in the GigaLife app, it means that you are not eligible to register to Smart Unli Data promos. The promos are only available to selected Smart and TNT subscribers. You will receive a text message from Smart once you are eligible to register to the promos.

How do I set up SMART Bro pocket WiFi?

Go to Google Play/App Store and search for “Smart App” or scan the QR code on your mobile phone to download. Once the app has been downloaded, connect to your Pocket WiFi and open the app to manage your account. Enter your new Pocket WiFi Name and Password and click the save button.

What is surf for all 249?

What is SURF4ALL 249? SURF4ALL is the market’s first-ever data promo with high data allowance usable for all sites and can be shared among four (4) mobile numbers. This pioneer offer from Globe allows sharing of data with Globe Prepaid, Globe MyFi, TM, Postpaid, Platinum, and even Home Prepaid WiFi.

Does SUPERSURF50 have limit?

It’s “unlimited” in such a way that when you reach the daily data limit, it’s just that you’ll experience slower internet speed than the normal. Let’s keep an eye on the updates of this promo but right now, we are just glad that TM offers SuperSurf Promo. It comes with 2 variants, SuperSurf 50 and SuperSurf 200.

What is go surf 299?

GoSURF299. Freebie: 1GB mobile data for App of Choice, list of FREE apps to choose:, Spotify Basic, Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans + Clash Royale, YouTube, Daily Motion, Facebook, Snapchat and Viber. Add-on: Text GS ADDSURF 99 to 8080, requires 99 PHP LOAD.

Is Mega 250 still available?

“Mega Combo 250 is no longer available effective May 11.” What a bummer! Especially for those of us who availed of the Freedom Plan. When the Freedom Plan was phased out, Smart also offered a SIM-only Plan P250 that also basically offered the same thing as Mega250.

What is Mega 250 in Smart?

I mean, what’s not to love about Mega250? For just Php 250, you can send unlimited text messages to all networks plus you get 180 minutes of calls to Smart, Talk N’ Text, and Sun numbers and 100 MB of mobile data allocation for one whole month!

Can you load 250 in Smart?

Everything for just Php250 which is quite a deal. To avail of this plan, simply text MEGA250 to 2477 and make sure you have P250 worth of load. By the way, to make calls to Smart’s tri-net with this package, dial *2477 + 11-digit mobile number or else you won’t be able to connect.

Can I use regular SIM in Smart Bro?

Yes, the Smart Bro Rocket SIM is compatible with any SIM-enabled device as long as it’s not locked with another network. However, we recommend that you stick with the currently bundled SIM for your Smart Bro Poket Wi-Fi. Removing the SIM might affect the performance of your Smart Bro Poket Wi-Fi.

Is Smart UNLI data forever?

Once the 30 days of Unli Data is up, subscribers can always avail of another unlimited data for all sites for 30 days promo, or register to other data promos they like via the GigaLife app.

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