How to purchase Garena shells using Globe load?

So, you want to know How to purchase Garena shells using Globe load?

Step 1: Go to to buy Garena Shells. Step 2: Pick the Garena gift card amount you want. Step 3: Complete the transaction. Step 4: Receive your redemption code. Step 5: Log into your Garena account. Step 6: Input the redemption code you received earlier.

Can you buy Garena shells using load?

Yes! You can use your DITO load to buy Garena Shells from DITO App.

How to top up AOV using Garena shells?

Choose the desired Log-in Method. Enter your Garena ID and Password account in the login section. After you login, choose Arena of Valor. Choose Garena PPC and enter your voucher code in the column below. Your transaction is complete!

How to convert Globe points to Garena shells?

Download via Play store or App store and/or open the GlobeOne app. Go to the Rewards section then Select/Search: Garena. Click Next then Redeem. Wait for the confirmation notification, along with a message from 4438 containing the unique code.

How to purchase Garena shells using Globe load Related Questions

How can I buy games from Google Play using Globe load?

Locate the app shop, and select your desired item. Choose “Globe Telecom Account” as your payment method, and hit “Buy.” Wait for the payment confirmation.

How do I buy Garena shells with G Cash?

Enter the phone number to link the GCash, and you can verify it with the authentication code required on the next page. On the Garena site, choose GCash as payment mode and complete the transaction.

How much is 1 Garena Shell?

The platform doesn’t charge fees, so you’ll always get one Garena Shell at ₱1.

How to register load for Garena?

Choose the desired Log-in Method (Garena preferred) Enter your Garena ID and Password account in the login section. After you login, choose Shell Top up. Choose Garena PPC and enter the 16-digit PIN. Then click Confirm. Your transaction is complete! Top Up Garena Shells fast and cheap!

How do I top up my AOV global?

Select the vouchers denomination. Enter your Player ID. Check out and select your payment method. Once payment made, the vouchers will be added to your Arena of Valor account shortly.

Where do you enter AOV codes?

Log into the game and open the Events menu (on the right side of the screen). Head on to the Announcements tab (next to the Events tab). Tap on Go, and that will open the Arena of Valor Redemption Code Center. Type in your CDKey code, and then hit the Redeem Here button.

How do I redeem my AOV code?

Redemption codes are often given at community activities and marketing events, sometimes in-game events may also have codes for rewards. Esports livestream will send out codes too. If you want to know more about when and how you can have redemption codes, follow our SNS channels to find out more!

Can I convert my Globe load to points?

Yes, if you changed your plan to any of the GPlan Plus 999 to 2499 you will be able to convert your remaining data allocation from your main plan to Rewards points.

Can I convert globe rewards to load?

You can convert and redeem Rewards points and receive a buy load voucher from GCash respectively. The amount of load will be reflected in your account within 3 days after conversion. A text notification will be sent confirming the conversion from rewards points to a buy load voucher to be used in the GCash app.

How to pay with Globe points?

Download the GlobeOne app and click on the “Rewards” tab. Select an offer. Click “Redeem.” Wait for the confirmation notification, along with a message from 4438 containing the unique code.

How do I add a globe payment method to Google Play?

On your Android phone, go to your payment methods in Google Play. Tap Add a payment method. Choose the payment method you want to add. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Can you pay with load in Google Play?

Pay-with-mobile for Google Play allows you to use Prepaid airtime load or your current Postpaid subscription to purchase applications, in-app digital products, and content on the Google Play Store.

WHAT TO LOAD IN globe to play games?

Get 1 GB Data for Gaming. Use an additional 1 GB data for game apps. Enjoy a Variety of Games. Play Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, PUBG, League of Legends Wild Rift, PUBG, Call of Duty, MU Origin 2, and more! Add to your Go+ or Go Promo. Get GoPLAY when you are subscribed to a Go+ or Go promo.

How do I convert GCash to cash?

You can cash out at any BancNet and/or Card affiliated ATM or at any GCash Partner Outlet. Simply look for the logo of either Mastercard or BancNet on the ATM. You can also cash out from any of the following GCash Partner outlets: Each Partner Outlet has its own cash out steps.

How do I pay with GCash?

STEP 1: On your GCash app, tap View all. STEP 2: Tap QR. STEP 5: Input the total amount to be paid and tap Next. STEP 6: Review all details then tap Pay.

How do you cash in GCash?

Select GCash Cash-In at the machine. Input your 11-digit GCash mobile number. Enter the desired cash-in amount. Insert the cash payment. Wait for the machine to print out a receipt. Wait for an SMS confirmation of your cash-in transaction.

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