How to load cignal using TnT sim?

So, you want to know How to load cignal using TnT sim?

Using your SMART or TnT sim, text PASALOAD (space) CIGNAL ACCOUNT NUMBER (space) KEYWORD and send to 808. Also available: – Lite loads 30, 50 and 75 valid for 2 days. 451 people like this.

How can I load cignal through SMS?

PASA – Using your SMART sim, text PASALOAD CIGNAL ACCOUNT NUMBER KEYWORD. Send to 808. Please ensure that your Cignal Prepaid box is on or in standby mode before you use Pasaload. PREPAID – Once you have received the text confirmation, you may start watching your favorite shows with Cignal.

How to load cignal using prepaid card?

Step 1: Input your Prepaid Account Number on the first box. Step 2: Input the PIN from your Cignal Reload Card or the e-Pin provided. Step 3: Input the text from the image. Step 4: Click submit and wait for the confirmation message to pop-up.

How can I register my smart SIM in cignal?

Gamit ang iyong Smart prepaid number, i-text ang PASALOAD CIGNAL ACCOUNT NUMBER KEYWORD at i-send to 808.

How to load cignal using TnT sim Related Questions

Can I load Smart load card to TNT SIM?

You can load up your Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro Prepaid or TNT account in many convenient ways. You may buy Smart Load online via the Smart Online Store. Reload your own account or send credits to your friends and pay using your Bancnet ATM or debit card. Buy e-Load from over 1.3 million Smart Load retailers nationwide.

Can I load Smart to TNT SIM?

Pasaload is a service that allows Smart subscribers to pass on prepaid load/credits for as low as P2 to Smart Prepaid, TNT or Smart Bro Prepaid numbers.

Can I load cignal TV using Gcash?

Load your prepaid account easily through the Account Portal. Pay via credit card, debit card, Gcash or Maya if you have remaining data allowance.

Can I add load to my Cignal prepaid?

For Prepaid subscribers, load at the nearest Cignal and Smart load retailers in your area. Prepaid accounts must currently have at least any active load of 100, 175, 200, 300, 450, 500, 600, 800 or 1000 in order to load Pay-Per-View denominations.

Can you load a prepaid card with a card?

You can load a prepaid card with a credit card by using to pay for the transaction. To reload a prepaid card with a credit card, if you have no other payment options, you can get a cash advance on your credit card.

How do you use a reloadable prepaid card?

Using a reloadable debit card is fairly simple. You buy the card, then follow the activation instructions that come with it. Once the card is activated, you can load money onto it. Depending on the card, you may be able to load money online, by phone, using direct deposit, or in-person where you bought it.

How do I recharge my prepaid card?

Arrange for a paycheck or other regular payment to be directly deposited onto the card. Transfer money from a checking account or another prepaid card. Buy a “reload pack” to add a certain amount to your card. Add funds at certain retail locations or at the financial institution that provides the card.

How do I load a smart data sim?

Head on to on your browser. Log in to your My Smart account. Under Prepaid Balance, select Reload. Click your desired load denomination from the Smart Load catalog and click Select. To continue, click Yes, Proceed.

How do I register my SIM card to my device?

Quick steps: Activating a new SIM Insert the new SIM into your phone, and have the phone turned on. Activate your new SIM card by using its accompanying activation key (this will be included in the package). You may need valid ID.

How do I get my SIM card to register?

Full name. Date of Birth. Sex. Address. Type of government ID presented + ID number. Government ID with photo. Declaration that the information presented are true and correct.

Is TNT and Smart the same?

TNT (formerly known as Piltel, Mobiline, Phone Pal, and still unofficially known as Talk ‘N Text) is a cellular service of Smart Communications in the Philippines.

How can I transfer load to another SIM?

Type PASALOAD Recipient’s Number Amount. Send to 808.

How do you use a TNT SIM card?

MAKE A BALANCE INQUIRY. – To do that, text ?15001 and send it to 214. DIAL *123# – If the first method doesn’t work for balance inquiry you can dial this instead. TURN ON YOUR MOBILE DATA. – – Insert your sim card into the phone and open your mobile data. 3 thoughts on “How to activate TNT Sim”

How do I request a load on TNT?

Ang amount ay mababawas sa susunod mong reload. To borrow, dial *121#, select Balance and Services, choose Smart Credit and identify your preferred package.

Can I use TNT SIM for Smart Bro Pocket WiFi?

Yes, Rexie. However, you might have encountered a compatibility issue when you used TNT SIM to the Smart Bro Prepaid Pocket WiFi. It is better if you could use the Smart Bro SIM on the device. Hope this guides you.

How do I load unlimited data on Smart?

Log in to the GigaLife App. Open your mobile data or connect to your Smart Bro Pocket WiFi. Log in to the GigaLife App. Select Unli Data 599. Under Favorites, select Unli Data then choose Unli Data 599. Subscribe.

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