How do I register my Surfsaya TNT?

So, you want to know How do I register my Surfsaya TNT?

TNT users can use the GigaLife App, which is accessible on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei Mobile Services, to register for SurfSaya 30. SurfSaya is also available by phoning *123# and selecting SurfSaya 30. Need more data? Longer validity?

How do I register for Smart 199?

Access the NEW GigaLife App. Go to ‘UNLI GIGA”’ in the menu. Choose your preferred validity and select your promo. Click SUBSCRIBE then YES to confirm registration.

What is magic data 199 in TNT?

Giga Power+ 199 Features: Up to 20 Gigabytes that’s 2 Gigabytes per day for internet use and mobile apps (data is not shareable) plus 6 Gigabytes shareable data that can use for seven days. Unli calls and texts to all networks.

How do I subscribe to Surfsaya?

Buksan ang. GigaLife app. Click. “NEW SURFSAYA” Pumili ng. SurfSaya offer. Click. “Subscribe” Dial *123# Piliin. ang “SURFSAYA” Piliin ang. “NEW SURFSAYA” Pumili ng. SurfSaya offer.

How do I register my Surfsaya TNT Related Questions

What is the number of TNT to register?

Smart Hotlines (call *888 via Smart/TNT mobile, or 8888-1111 via landline) Smart Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

How do I load TNT 99 Gigasurf?

If you are a TNT customer, enjoy Giga Surf 99 by texting GIGA99 to 4545.

How to register Giga Study 199?

Dial *123#. Go to GIGA. Look for GIGA STUDY. Select preferred GIGA STUDY variant. Select SUBSCRIBE then SEND to confirm registration.

How do I register my Giga Pro 199?

Achieve more with GIGA Pro Simply open the app and select the GIGA Pro offer of your choice to get going. Customers can also register to GIGA Pro by dialing *123#, choosing GIGA Pro, and selecting their preferred denomination.

How do I register my Unli data with TNT?

Dial *123# Choose Unli Data for all sites. Select your preferred UNLI DATA promo. Tap Subscribe to register. You will receive a confirmation message about your successful registration.

How do I register TNT 199 1 month?

Dial *123#. Select Surfsaya. Select option for new Surfsaya. Select 2GB, 30 days, P199. Select Subscribe to register.

How do I activate magic data?

Download the GigaLife App via or dial *123# and choose MAGIC DATA.

What Unlidata 99?

Smart Unli Data 99 comes with the following: Unlimited data for all sites and apps. Valid for 7 days. Costs ₱99. The promo is available to selected Smart and TNT prepaid subscribers.

What is Surfsaya promo in TNT?

Telco service provider TNT is giving users more data to use at affordable rates with the SURFSAYA promos. With TNT SURFSAYA 30, users can enjoy 450MB of open access data in addition to 250MB per day for Facebook, FB Messenger, Instagram, and TikTok.

How do I register for TNT promo?

Promo: Unlimited texts to all networks. + Unlimited calls to TNT/Smart/Sun. + 100MB of Tropa Apps. Registration: Text T20 to 4547 to register. Validity: 1 day. Price: ₱20 load.

What is the code for UNLI data TNT?

What is UNLI data in TNT? UNLI data in TNT is a limited promo that is sometimes available by dialing *123# on your device.

Where do I register in TNT?

Since TNT is a Telecommunications Company under Smart Communications, subscribers may register their TNT SIM card via the Smart registration link There may be issues on the page or it may be unavailable due to high traffic.

What are the TNT numbers?

0907. 0909. 0910. 0912. 0918. 0930. 0938. 0946.

How to register TNT 150 for 1 month?

TNT UTP150 Promo Bundle Type U150 then SPACE then (Your Customer’s TNT number) then send to 4540. Type RTSUT150 then SPACE then (Your Customer’s TNT number) then send to 4540.

How do I register double Giga 99 TNT?

Via GigaLife APP I-download ang app sa Play Store o App Store. I-access ang bagong GigaLife App. Hanapin ang ‘Doble Giga+’ sa menu. I-click ang SUBSCRIBE tapos YES para ma-confirm ang iyong registration.

What is Giga Surf 299?

1 GB VIDEO EVERY DAY for Youtube, Netflix, Smart Livestream, iWantTFC + 4 GB for 30 days. Smart Communications, Inc. is the Philippines’ leading wireless provider.

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