How do I register my SIM card online? Quick Guide 2023

Dial *106# You can check your registration status by dialing *106# and selecting option 1 of the menu. Select SIM Registration Update. Self Update Portal. Select Phone numbers. Document Proof. Submit required documents.

How to register Sun Postpaid SIM?

Visit the official Sun Cellular SIM Card Registration link at Enter your mobile number, click the “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Notice” box, then tick the “SEND OTP” button.

How do I register my prepaid SIM card?

Full name. Date of Birth. Sex. Address. Type of government ID presented + ID number. Government ID with photo. Declaration that the information presented are true and correct.

Where do I register for Sun?

Via My Sun: Register your Sun Prepaid number to then register to Sun Choice Rewards. Via SMS: Text REGISTER to 9800.

How do I register my SIM card online? Related Questions

How can I register my SIM number?

Access the SIM registration website at Enter your 10-digit mobile number (ex. 9171234567) and click the “Register” button. If eligible to register, you’ll receive a One Time Pin (OTP) text message on your mobile phone.

How do I register my mobile number?

Step 2: Fill the Aadhaar Correction Form. Step 3: Mention your current mobile number that has to be updated in Aadhaar. Step 4: Submit the form and provide your biometrics for authentication. Step 5: The executive hands over the acknowledgement slip to you.

How do I register my Postpaid SIM card?

For Postpaid Subscribers For Existing Postpaid Subscribers as of December 26, 2022, they can simply text YES to 5858 to confirm the use of their existing account details, submitted during their Postpaid application, for SIM Registration.

How do I activate my sun SIM card?

Text GET PIN to 7927 for free, using active SIM. The 6-digit PIN is valid for 30 minutes. Insert LTE Upgrade SIM and enter the 6-digit PIN. Keep your phone idle for 15 minutes. Restart your phone & wait for the SMS confirmation. Keep your number when you upgrade your SIM.

How can I activate my Postpaid SIM?

Dial 59059 – SIM activation number for India. Enter your identification details. Wait for 24 hours till your SIM card is ready for use.

Can I use a SIM card without registration?

The SIM Registration Act requires ALL SIM cards to be registered with their telco providers as a requirement for their activation. Registration aims to protect consumers from illegal activities such as mobile scams, smishing, and fraud.

How do I update my SIM registration?

Visit the Safaricom Portal at Enter the Phone Number whose details you with to update. Agree to the Privacy Policy and Click Next. You will receive a ONE TIME Password (OTP) which you should enter to continue.

Can I register my SIM card now?

You can now start registering your SIM cards with Smart, Globe and DITO. The SIM Card Registration Act or RA 11934 mandates all SIM card users, both existing and new, to register their SIM cards with their respective telecommunications providers starting December 27, 2022.

How do I register my sun 2022?

Features: Unlimited calls and unli texts to all networks including Globe and TM plus 2 Gigabytes of mobile internet data. Price: ₱299. Validity: 30 Days. How to register: dial *123# then select ALLNET:OTH then choose Allnet then finally pick 299.

How do I register my GIGA99 sun?

If you are a Sun customer, get Giga Surf 99 by texting GIGA99 to 247.

How can I register my sun mobile data?

Text NET to 2300. You will be notified upon successful activation of the internet service. You will receive information on device settings. Enable Mobile Data and Data Roaming. Click “OK” for no additional charges. (.

What do I do if my SIM card is not registered?

Toggle airplane mode. Restart your phone. Remove and reinstall the SIM card. Carefully clean the SIM card. Try the SIM card in another device. Update your carrier settings. Reset your phone’s network settings.

Which code will I use to register my SIM card?

How do I register my SIM card(s)? Ans: Dial *404# and follow the prompt to link your Ghana card to your SIM number before you proceed to the MTN office or agent to have your biometric information (facials and fingerprints) captured.

How do I register my card?

Go to the issuer’s website. Click on “Sign up”, “Register Now” or something similar, depending on the website. Add your personal information. Create your username and password. Some credit card companies also require you to choose and then answer security questions.

How do I know if my phone number is registered?

Visit or download the TextMagic mobile app on google play store. Enter your phone number and country and click on Validate Number. This app will show you the status of the number if it is active or not.

Can I register Postpaid SIM in GCash?

Globe Postpaid welcomes you to GCash! Remember to complete the verification via the app within 90-days to enjoy the full service features of GCash. Here’s how to get verified.

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