How do I register my ML10 via text TNT?

So, you want to know How do I register my ML10 via text TNT?

2ND WAY: Text ML10 and send to 4545.

How do I register my ML10 by dial?

How to Register ML10. Just text ML10 send to 4545. You can also register via TNT USSD code menu, just dial *123# > ALLNET/Other Offers > FB and Games > ML > 10.

What number do I text to register for TNT?

To register, just dial *123# > Other Offers > ALLNET 20. Make sure to have enough load balance to be able to subscribe to TNT’s All Net 20 promo.

How do I register my SIM card in TNT?

Where to register your TNT SIM card? Since TNT is a Telecommunications Company under Smart Communications, subscribers may register their TNT SIM card via the Smart registration link There may be issues on the page or it may be unavailable due to high traffic.

How do I register my ML10 via text TNT Related Questions

How do I register my ML data?

Download the app through android’s Play Store or iOS’ App Store. Run the app and let it download all the necessary files. Login using your social media accounts or register a new Moonton account.

How do I connect my ML ID?

You can check on your lost account info by searching it. Tap on the retrieve account to access the retrieval system. The Account Recovery Center Preview. Your server ID is the 4-digit number in your account ID.

How do I register for TNT promo through text?

Dial *123# Pumili ng TNT promo offer na gusto. Select SUBSCRIBE then SEND to confirm registration.

How do I register for i message?

Sign in using your business Apple ID. Click Get Started. Click Add service for Business Accounts for Messages. Click Add service for Brands and then click Add Services Locations. Click Done.

How to register unli data in TNT via text?

Dial *123# Choose Unli Data for all sites. Select your preferred UNLI DATA promo. Tap Subscribe to register. You will receive a confirmation message about your successful registration.

Can I register my SIM myself?

For existing Prepaid subscribers: Subscriber can register their SIM thru the following Channels: Via Self-service: Access and register your SIM. Access to the site is free of charge to all subscribers.

How do I register my SIM registration?

Full name. Date of Birth. Sex. Address. Type of government ID presented + ID number. Government ID with photo. Declaration that the information presented are true and correct.

How do I register my mobile SIM card?

Open the T-Mobile app. On the Welcome screen, select Get a T-Mobile ID. Enter your registration information and select Sign me up. Enter the code from the text message we sent to your mobile device and select Next.. Follow the on-screen steps to complete your registration.

How do I enable ML?

Find and open the Netdata configuration file netdata. In the [ml] section, set enabled = yes to enable or enabled = no to disable.

What is smart registration for ML?

Just dial *123# to register. + 1 GB / day of Games All-Day for Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor (AOV), Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Facebook Gaming and more!

Where can I get data for ML?

Google’s Datasets Search Engine: Kaggle Datasets. Amazon Datasets (Registry of Open Data on AWS) UCI Machine Learning Repository. Datasets subreddit.

What is an ML ID?

Your Mobile Legends User ID serves as your account’s identity in the game. It comprises a series of numbers including the server number.

How do I find my ML verification code?

Check the in-game mail from Mobile Legends Bang Bang, click the mail button at the upper right corner of the screen. Then check for the Official website verification code mail. Open the mail and you’ll find the verification code.

How do I redeem a code on TNT?

How to Redeem Treats or Rewards. To redeem rewards, simply text REDEEMKEYWORD to 9800.

How do I activate TNT promo?

– To do that, text ? 15001 and send to 214. You will receive an SMS about your load balance then a welcome message notification will appear that you have successfully activated your TNT SIM.

How do I register my sim with iMessage?

Re-Link Your Apple ID Turn off iMessage or Facetime, then log out your Apple ID (from Settings – iTunes and App Store). Log back in again, then turn on iMessage or Facetime once again. This will start the activation process.

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