How do I log into my Globe modem?

So, you want to know How do I log into my Globe modem?

Plug in and connect to your modem via WiFi. Visit to access the modem dashboard. Click log-in on the upper right of the screen. Enter user & password found at the back of the modem.

How do I open a Globe fiber modem?

Open your web browser and then key in your router’s default gateway: 192.168. 254.254. Type “user” as your username and password. For PPPoE users, just enter the broadband username and password, click on ‘Connect’ button, and then click ‘Save and reboot’.

What is the admin password of Globe broadband router?

How to login to Globe At Home Router? Open a browser and type in the address bar. Enter User name: user and Password: @l03e1t3 and click Log In.

What is the IP address of Globe router?

Plug in and connect to your modem’s SSID via WiFi. Visit to access the modem dashboard.

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How do I access my modem online?

To connect it to your computer, plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet or LAN port on the back of your modem, then plug the other end into the Ethernet port on the back of your computer. Your modem should come with an Ethernet cable, but any old Ethernet cable will do.

How do I view my modem online?

Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your network. Enter your cable modem or modem router’s user name and password. The user name is admin. Select Cable Connection. The cable connection information displays.

What is the password for fiber modem?

FiberHome Router Login Guide The default username for your FiberHome router is useradmin . The default password is ‘randomly generated’ . Enter the username & password, hit “Enter” and now you should see the control panel of your router.

How do I find my modem admin password?

You can find the Admin Username and Password printed on the sticker attached to the side, back or bottom of the modem.

What is the modem administrator password?

Unless you have changed it, the default password is “admin”.

How do I find my broadband IP address?

Select Start > Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi and then select the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to. Under Properties, look for your IP address listed next to IPv4 address.

How do I find my 192.168 IP address?

Step 1: Click on Start (Windows logo) or press the WIN on your keyboard. Step 2: Search for “cmd” and hit ENTER to launch the command prompt. Step 3: Right inside the command prompt, type in “ipconfig” and hit Enter. The number assigned to “Default Gateway” is your router’s IP address.

What is the 192.168 1.254 IP address?

The IP address 192.168. 1.254 is the default private IP address for some home broadband routers and broadband modems. Common routers or modems that use this IP address include 2Wire, Aztech, Billion, Motorola, Netopia, SparkLAN, Thomson, and Westell modems for CenturyLink.

Can I log into my modem from my phone?

Open a mobile browser and enter the router’s IP address in the URL bar. Enter the router’s user name and password. On the admin page, zoom in the see the different settings.

How do I log into my modem without Wi-Fi?

Step 1: Use an Ethernet cable and connect the router to your computer. Step 2: Go to the search box and type “CMD.” Step 3: Open the command prompt. Step 4: Type “ipconfig” and press Enter. Step 5: This Gateway has your IP address.

Why can’t i log into modem?

Why am I unable to access my modem settings? If you can’t log in to your modem, you could have an issue with the device itself or the browser. Log in from a different browser and double-check the cable connections with the modem. If those fixes don’t work, you may want to power-cycle your modem or factory reset it.

Is modem password same as WiFi password?

The WiFi password or passphrase (also known as network security key) is different from the router or admin password. The router or admin password is used to log in to the router’s web interface for configuration or verification purposes while the WiFi password is used to connect WiFi devices to your WiFi or hotspot.

How can I access fiber without a password?

Go to “Settings.” Select “Network & Internet.” Choose “Wi-Fi.” Scroll to the bottom (if your SSID list is long) and tap on the “QR scan icon” on the right side of the “Add Network” row. A QR Code Scanner appears.

What is my broadband username and password?

Right-click on your wireless network, then select “Properties” from the pop-up menu. Click the “Security” tab in the “Wireless Properties” window. Select the check box next to “Show characters” to reveal the broadband password in the “Network security key” box.

How do I find my modem password without resetting it?

The easiest way of how to find routers password is by checking the sticker at the back of the router box. The sticker will show you the password along with other details such as serial number, mac address and other details that you will need to access the router interface.

Do modems have username and password?

All modem manufacturers ship their modems with a default user name and a default password. This user name and password is used to log into the modem and make changes – such as the name and password for the Wi-Fi network, etc. For a great majority of modems, the user name is “admin” (without the quotes).

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