How do I load my Steam wallet in the Philippines?

So, you want to know How do I load my Steam wallet in the Philippines?

Add Funds Directly through Steam Go to the Add Funds page on Steam, click the Add Funds button right next to your desired fund level, log in to your account if asked, and select a payment method. You may need to fill in additional information or perform additional steps depending on your chosen payment method.

How do I put money in my Steam wallet?


How do I reload my Steam wallet code?

Open the Steam app, go to your profile & select “View My Wallet”. Click on “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code” just below your “Wallet Balance”. Enter your Steam Wallet Code & complete the transaction.

How do I add funds to my Steam wallet using GCash?

Scan the QR Code The next thing you need to do to top up your Steam Wallet GCash is to scan the QR code that appears on the checkout page. You need to open your GCash app on your smartphone before tapping the “QR” icon at the bottom of your screen. The QR code scanner will launch and you can easily scan the QR code.

How do I load my Steam wallet in the Philippines Related Questions

Can I use US Steam wallet in Philippines?

Yes, the currency on the card will be automatically converted to your currency based on current exchange rates.

Does Philippine have Steam wallet Card?

ABOUT PHILIPPINES STEAM GIFT CARD – PHP/PHILIPPINES STORE A Steam Wallet Gift Card code is a digital package with a specified amount that you can add to your Steam Wallet account. It allows potential customers to shop on the Steam store.

Can I send money to Steam wallet?

Now you can directly contribute to a friend or family member’s Steam Wallet by digitally sending a gift card. Send a gift card now or learn more about gift cards.

What is prepaid wallet in Steam?

Essentially, Steam Wallet is a digital bank of sorts, allowing users to add funds to their Steam Account, which in turn, can be used to purchase games available on Steam. Steam Wallet Codes can also be used to pre-purchase a select number of funds to add to your account.

What payments does Steam accept?

PayPal. Visa. MasterCard. American Express. Discover. JCB.

Do Steam gift cards work internationally?

Are Steam Gift Cards International? Are there country restrictions on Steam Wallet codes? Steam Wallet codes typically do not have any country restrictions and can be redeemed worldwide (Note, some cards issued in Southeast Asia may only be redeemable in this region).

Can I use a Steam gift card from another country?

Are Steam gift cards region locked? Yes and no. steam offers both international gift cards, which you can use on any region, and it also offers region locked gift cards, if lets say you buy a French region gift card, unless you have the French currency on your steam account you wont be able to redeem it.

What is Steam card used for in USA?

When you redeem the Steam game code in your USA steam account the respective balance will be added to your Steam Wallet. You can then immediately purchase the games or upgrades you want and being gaming! Steam Wallet cards can be used for any item in the Steam store, games, expansions and upgrades.

Can I use GCash virtual pay on Steam?

Aside from Steam wallet, you can also automatically use other payment method (VISA, Mastercard, GCash) to purchase steam games. After that, you can now install the brand-new games you just bought on your computer.

How do I send GCash to Steam?

Step 1: Add to Cart the game you want to purchase. Step 2: Choose whether you want to purchase it for yourself o send it as a gift. Step 3: Under the payment method section choose GCash. Step 4: Double-check the details presented.

How do I create a US Steam account in the Philippines?

Using the Steam website: Go to the following website: Click on “Join Steam” Follow the prompts to create your account.

Can I use US Steam gift card in India?

No. You should ask your retailer if they supply Steam Wallet cards with the currency that your country uses.

Does Steam work in the Philippines?

UPDATE (December 5, 2022): The Steam Deck is now available in the Philippines via a select local retailer.

Is Steam wallet a prepaid card?

Valve – Steam Wallet Prepaid Card ($20)

Can you use Visa gift cards on Steam?

You cant use a gift card on steam anymore because it has been blocked by the issuer. Steam has a policy to block any Visa cards that come in anonymously. You need to use a Steam Wallet card or a Steam gift card. Steam gift cards can be bought at stores like Target or Wal-Mart.

What’s the difference between Steam gift card and Steam wallet?

Steam Gift Cards work just like a gift certificate, while Steam Wallet Codes work just like a game activation code both of which can be redeemed on Steam for the purchase of games, software, wallet credit, and any other item you can purchase on Steam.

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