How do I create a personal Cisco Smart account?

So, you want to know How do I create a personal Cisco Smart account?

Access Cisco Software Central. Go to Administration and then click on Request Smart Account. Select “Yes, I have the authority to represent my company” and you will authorize the Smart Account activation. Next, enter the account name and click Continue.

How do I create a smart account?

From SMART Notebook software, click Account > Sign in on the Notebook menu. The SMART Account sign in page opens. Select Google or Microsoft. SMART will use the account you choose (and the associated email and password) to create your SMART Account.

Is Cisco Smart account free?

Serving as a central repository, Smart Accounts give full visibility into your Cisco software assets across your organization. You can view, store, manage, and move Cisco software assets to where they are needed, when they are needed. And getting a Smart Account is fast and free.

What is a Cisco Smart account?

A Cisco Smart Account in simple terms is a container that allows you to organize all of your Cisco licenses, devices and license agreements. It also allows you to control access to these assets in the future. smart accounts will allow you to organize all of your Cisco subscriptions licenses, devices and services.

How do I create a personal Cisco Smart account Related Questions

How do I find my Cisco Smart account ID?

Log into Cisco Software Central: At the bottom right hand corner you will see “Administration”. Next the “Smart Account Request” screen will show up. Your “Account Domain Identifier” should already be filled in.

How do I activate my Cisco account?

– Click on either “Activate Account” button or highlighted link to activate your account. – Link will open in browser and you have activated your account. – Enter Email ID and Password and click on “Log In” button. If credentials are correct, you will be redirected to your logged In CISCO Page.

How do I log into my Smart Account?

Open SMART Notebook software. From the Notebook menu, select Account > Sign in. The account sign in page opens in a browser. After you’ve signed in, the confirmation message appears. Sign in to your account. In Notebook, close the Sign In dialog box.

What type of Account is a smart Account?

Smart Accounts are set up using user-customizable rules that can display transactions pulled from multiple accounts. For example, if you wanted to search all transactions for a specific Payee across all of your accounts at the same time, you would create a Smart Account using a rule that includes those transactions.

What is smart Account?

Attaching an account script to an account extends its functionality. It enables checking outgoing transactions for compliance with the conditions specified in the script. An account with a script attached to it is called a smart account.

Do you need Cisco Smart-license?

Licenses are required for all Cisco products.

What is the difference between Cisco Smart Account and Virtual Account?

Virtual Accounts are the subfolders in a Smart Account, which allows you to internally organize licenses, devices and user access. A Smart Account is a ‘container’ that allows you to organize all of your Cisco licenses, devices, account agreements and users access.

What are the two types of smart accounts?

There are two types of Cisco Smart Account, a Customer Smart Account and a Partner Holding Account.

How do I re register my Cisco Smart License?

To renew the ID certificate, click Renew Registration. By default, registration is automatically renewed every six months. compliant, click Renew Authorization. By default, authorization periods are renewed every 30 days.

How do you get a Cisco Smart account token?

Login to Cisco Smart Software Manager at Select the Inventory tab, and select your virtual account from the Virtual Account drop-down list. Select the General tab, and click New Token. Enter the token description.

How do I add a smart License to Cisco?

Go to Management > Smart-License > Device registration. Select action as Registration. Register the device by entering the copied token ID. Verify the status of Registration and Authorization under Management > Smart-License > Status.

How do I verify my Cisco Smart account?

Step 1: Go to Cisco Software Central and log in with your account. Step 2: In the Traditional Licenses section, click Access LRP. Step 3: In the Show Smart Account and Virtual Account drop-down lists, confirm that the correct respective accounts are selected.

What is the difference between Smartnet and smart account?

While Smart Net Total Care is a service for hardware protection, Smart Accounts are the portal in which you manage your smart licenses.

How do I login to my Cisco ID?

Existing or returning users, go to the login page at Enter your Test ID or Cisco ID followed by your password and click on the Login button. If you are using the Tracking System for the very first time you will need to set up a password first for future access.

How do I create a free Cisco account?

To do so, first you need to access the platform using a browser: Scroll down the page and select Sign Up. Complete the sign-up pages with all requested details, including your email address and click on Register to submit.

How do I register my Cisco contract?

Go to Cisco Profile Manager. Select ‘Access’ tab. Click on ‘Add Access’ Choose ‘Full Support’ and click on ‘Go’ Enter service contracts number(s) in the space provided and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

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