Can you put smart sim in Globe pocket WiFi?

So, you want to know Can you put smart sim in Globe pocket WiFi?

Can I use other SIMs besides the one packaged with the kit? You can only use the Prepaid WiFi SIM that’s inserted in your modem. To avoid issues with your connection and promo subscriptions, please do not remove the Prepaid Home WiFi SIM card from the modem.

What is the admin password for Huawei E5330?

The default username for your Huawei E5330 is admin. The default password is admin.

How do I change my Huawei pocket WiFi E5330 username and password?

Under the WLAN Basic Settings page, change the SSID (WiFi Network Name) as desired. Update the WPA pre-shared key (WiFi Password) as desired. Select ‘Apply’ to save these settings.

How do I change my Huawei pocket WiFi?

Open the AI Life App, touch the corresponding router to access the router management screen. Then go to Show more > Wi-Fi management > Wi-Fi. Enter a new Wi-Fi name and password in the Wi-Fi name (Supports Chinese) and Wi-Fi password fields, then touch √ in the upper right corner of the screen to confirm.

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Can I use a different SIM for my Pocket WiFi?

With all other devices (Vodems, Pocket WiFi etc) you will be provided with a SIM when you purchase the device but you can also use your SIM in those devices if you want to.

How can I convert my Globe SIM to smart SIM?

For now, you may visit the nearest Smart Store and request for your Intra MNP application. For External MNP (Dito and Globe porting in to SMART): Starting September 30, 2021, you can already visit the nearest Smart Store to apply for either internal or external porting. For more details, you may also visit x.

What is the default admin for Huawei pocket Wi-Fi?

The default username for your Huawei router is admin. The default password is admin.

What is the default admin password for Huawei pocket Wi-Fi?

The default username and password is admin. Click the online help on the web interface to learn more about your Mobile WiFi.

What is the default Huawei pocket Wi-Fi password?

Download HUAWEI HiLink to manage your Mobile WiFi. You can also manage your Mobile WiFi through the web interface at The default username and password is admin.

How to hard reset Huawei E5330?

Reset the Huawei E5330 router The reset button is located on the back of the router. Use a sharp tool eg. paperclip or a pen to press the button. Press and hold the button for 20 seconds, the router will restart and reset to the factory settings.

How can I remove password from Huawei pocket WiFi?

Connect your phone to the Mobile WiFi. Enter 192.168. 8.1 in the address bar of the phone’s browser, and enter the login password of the web-based management page to log in. Go to Advanced > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Security Settings, and hide or unhide the Wi-Fi name.

How to setup Huawei mobile WiFi E5330?

Put router into operation. Set up a connection between the device and the router via Wi-Fi* or network cable. Open web browser. Insert IP address in the address bar and confirm with ‘Enter’ button.

How do I change the network type on my Huawei?

Go to Network Settings > Mobile Network > Mobile Network Searching. Set the preferred network mode and network search mode, click Save.

How do I reconfigure my Huawei modem?

Visit the router’s IP address in a new browser window. On the left hand panel, click Basic. Click DHCP on the expanded menu. Enter OpenDNS addresses in Primary DNS Server and Secondary DNS Server fields, then click the Submit button. Cache Flushing.

How do I change my network provider on my Huawei phone?

To select a network manually, tap the indicator next to “Automatic” to turn off the function. Tap OK and wait while your mobile phone searches for networks. Tap the required network. Slide your finger upwards starting from the bottom of the screen to return to the home screen.

Can I use regular SIM for Huawei pocket WiFi?

Pocket WiFi enables you to set up a private internet connection anywhere in the world for at least 10 devices. All our pocket WiFi devices are unlocked so you can use any SIM card inside, this way you can always get the lowest rates wherever you are. See all Pocket Wifi Devices.

Can you unlock a Huawei router?

Note: If the popup doesn’t appear then go to Settings > Advanced Settings > SIM Settings > Unlock Device Enter your unlock code where it says SIMLOCK Code. Huawei Modems can only be unlocked on a Window Operating System.

What kind of SIM card for pocket WiFi?

Insert your nano SIM card into the corresponding slot with the chip facing up. To open your pocket Wi-Fi, press and hold the power button. The device automatically searches for mobile network signals upon boot-up. Connect your smartphone or another mobile device to the pocket wi-fi to access the internet.

Can I change the SIM of my Globe prepaid WiFi?

Just go to the store and Globe will gladly replace the SIM for you. You can use it immediately and enjoy sulit offers from Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi. Your SIM needs to be replaced if the network light on your modem is still red after several reset attempts.

Can I convert my Globe physical SIM to eSIM?

Can I get an eSIM if I’m a Globe Prepaid/TM customer? At present, the eSIM is available only for Globe Postpaid customers. Don’t worry, we’re working to make this feature available for our Globe Prepaid and TM customers soon.

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