Can I share my points in TNT?

So, you want to know Can I share my points in TNT?

How to Share Points. To share points, just text PASAPOINTSRecipient Mobile NumberNumber of Points to 9800. Example: PASAPOINTS 09183441812 1 to 9800.

Can you send GigaPoints?

You can transfer as low as 5 GigaPoints to your friends and families.

How do I convert GigaPoints to load?

User will login on the GigaLife App. Launch GigaPoints home screen. Select the Giga or Unli promo to be redeemed. Select Redeem on the pop-up screen to confirm redemption.

How do I pass GigaPoints to another number?

How can I transfer GigaPoints? You can do Pasa Points using the GigaLife app under the GigaPoints section. There’s a transaction fee of only Php1. 00, which will be deducted from your prepaid load.

Can I share my points in TNT Related Questions

Can smart points be transferred?

To share or transfer reward points to a friend, just text PASAPOINTS to 9800. Example: PASAPOINTS 09183441812 10 to 9800.

How do I share my load on TNT?

Postpaid customers can share credit or packages with their friends and loved ones using prepaid or TNT. The steps involved are as follows. Text PASALOAD mobile number of recipient amount, to 808.

What to do with GigaPoints in smart?

Subscribers can use their GigaPoints to conveniently redeem data promos, such as GIGA Video, GIGA Stories, GIGA Games, and GIGA Pro. These data offers also come at face value rates when redeemed with GigaPoints. For example, subscribers can redeem GIGA Video 50 with just 50 GigaPoints.

How do I Pasaload smart GigaLife app?

Text PASALOAD (space) 11-digit mobile number of the recipient (space) amount, then send it to 808. For example: PASALOAD 09191234567 2. Text 11-digit mobile number of the recipient (space) amount, then send it to 808. For example: 09191234567 2.

How do I share data on my smart GigaLife?

To share data through the “PasaData” feature, an individual must be enrolled in a GIGA promo or All Data promo and have at least 50MB of shareable data. These promos are available in the GigaLife app or by dialing *123#, which will give you access to the USSD menu.

Can I transfer Samsung points?

Points are non-transferable for any reason. When do my Samsung Rewards expire?

Can I share load from Smart to TNT?

Pasaload is a service that allows Smart subscribers to pass on prepaid load/credits for as low as P2 to Smart Prepaid, TNT or Smart Bro Prepaid numbers. Text 11-digit mobile number of the recipient (space) amount, then send it to 808.

How do I share my Smart load?

Just text PASALOAD (space) mobile number of recipient (space) amount, then send to 808. The amount transferred plus the P1 SMS fee will be charged on top of your Monthly Service Fee (MSF).

Can I transfer load from TNT to Smart?

To share a load, text PASALOAD SMART or TNT numberload denomination/promo keyword and send to 808. Example: PASALOAD 09123456789 100. Subscribers may also dial *123# to share a load.

Do smart points expire?

SmartPoints will expire after 3 years or upon closure of all individual trading accounts, whichever is earlier.

How to convert Smart load to money?

“Convert” Smart load to GCash: Type PASALAOD receiver’s 11-digit phone number and send it to 808. Such as for the load 0f PHP 50 on number 09203224349, type PASALAOD 09203224349 50, and send on 808. It’s complete!

How to convert Smart load to GCash?

– Create an account for yourself and log in. – Select “Prepaid load to GCash” and Cash-in. – Fill in the Amount. – Once you confirm, you will receive a message confirming the conversion of the load to GCash.

How do you share your data with someone?

On the other device, open that device’s list of Wi-Fi options. Pick your phone’s hotspot name. Enter your phone’s hotspot password. Click Connect.

How can I share my data with a friend?

You can now transfer from your existing data balance to your friends and family. Simply dial *131*7*1# and follow the prompt OR text Transfer Phone number Data amount to 131. The maximum amount you can transfer in a day is 2GB.

What is shareable data TNT?

TNT has introduced Pasadata, a new feature that enables all TNT subscribers to pass on a chunk of their existing data to other TNT subscribers. Make no mistake about it: sharing is one sure way to show you care for your friends and loved ones.

How much is 1 Samsung points worth?

Samsung Rewards can be redeemed for Samsung products, prepaid Visa gift cards as well as gift cards from select other retailers — points are worth 1 cent each toward gift card redemptions.

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